The Big Problem with the Mental Health Response for Grenfell Survivors

The biggest mental health response of its kind in Europe means little when two-thirds of survivors are still living in temporary accommodation.

May initially said she hoped to rehouse everyone within three weeks of the fire. The communities secretary, Sajid Javid, later told MPs the local council was looking at a Christmas deadline. The leader of the local council then said she was “absolutely” hoping to house everyone within a year.

The one-year anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire is less than a month away, and only one-third of the survivors have been re-homed. In a catch-up phone call yesterday, Adel said of the survivors who are still displaced, “In nearly a year, their situation hasn’t improved that much. They’re still in temporary accommodation and unclear on immigration and many other things.”

We’re nearing the beginning of summer again. A few days ago, Labour MP David Lammy, who lost two friends in the fire, told the House of Commons that 72 households from Grenfell live in hotel rooms, while 64 remain in temporary accommodation. Meanwhile, London housing associations are still auctioning properties in the borough and those surrounding it on the open market to wealthy private landlords and developers – a despicably “London” move.

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