Institutional Racism Reports

In November, I was a delegate at the London Regional Conference, my first Labour Party conference. It was a gathering of enthusiastic delegates who voiced concerns about various issue including racism in the police force, especially towards young, black men.

Metropolitan Police use force disproportionately against black people in London, new statistics reveal Lizzie Dearden, Independent, Home Affairs Correspondent, 1 August 2017

Diane Abbott, Shadow Home Secretary, called the report “deeply troubling”.  “It cannot be right that black people and young black men in particular are so much more likely to have force used against them.”  “All police forces throughout the country must treat all communities equally, and with respect.”

Stop and search eight times more likely to target black people – Labour MP (David Lammy) says ‘We are going backwards’ as racial disparity grows despite drop in overall use of stop and search by police: Vikram Dodd, The Guardian, Police and crime correspondent, 26 Oct 2017, modified 27 Nov 2017

BLOG – Yet Another Report On Black People In The Criminal (In)justice System

Dr Suzella Palmer, Lecturer in Applied Social Studies, University of Bedfordshire, Huffington Post – 11/09/2017

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