2014 Windrush Cases

Theresa May’s government have said, and the media are allowing them to, that the current problems were an unintentional result of previous policies, that they did not realise the impact of these immigration policies on some people from the Windrush generation.

Back in 2014, the problems had already begun for some, and the Legal Action Group wrote a report on the impact of these immigration policies on some legal residents who had migrated from the Caribbean in the 1940s and 50s. This was reported by the media. So, when Teresa May says she did not know about it, she is lying!

Below is a report by The Guardian, published on 15th Oct 2015.

Tighter immigration laws catching out long-term legal migrants – report

Legal Action Group calls for creation of specialist unit to deal with applications by those whose passports lack required stamps

by Mark Tran

Thousands of migrants who have lived and worked legally in Britain for decades, in many cases having arrived in the country as children, are falling victim of the government’s more restrictive immigration laws, according to a report by the charity Legal Action Group.

Thousands of long-term resident migrants – many of whom were educated, married and raised families in Britain – have been caught out by recent legislative changes that have left them in a legal limbo and often without a job, even though until recently they could work and claim benefits legally.

Several ran into difficulties after losing their original passports, which contained the crucial indefinite leave to remain (ILR) stamps. Others found it hard to achieve the necessary points to meet stricter requirements for ILR.

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