Ruth Appleton – Santé Project

Ruth Appleton is an active BAME member of Highgate Branch. She is a regular at meeting, socials and events. She regularly supports the Labour Party during elections and was a delegate to the Annual Labour Conference last year.

Ruth has been the Branch Secretary of Camden Retired Members of Unison for the past 6 years.

In addition to her political activism and trade union activities, Ruth is also the founder of the Santé Project (

Ruth Appleton launched the Santé Project in March 2005. Since then, the Santé Project has helped dozens of asylum seekers and refugees with the difficult tasks involved with seeking asylum, accessing services and integrating into community and society. In the process, befrienders have gained valuble skills and knowledge and a greater understanding of what it means to be an asylum seeker and refugee in London. Santé Project continues to support service users through assignment to volunteer befrienders for one-to-one support, assistance and befriending.

If you are interested in volunteering, or want to find out more, contact Ruth on

Santé Refugee Mental Health Access Project

One thought on “Ruth Appleton – Santé Project

  1. At a funeral for one of our Service users I was invited to speak but the family instructed me not to reveal her immigration status. Receiving this request just before I made my speech was not easy since our project specifically supports Asylum Seekers. I was baffled by the request as no explanation was given by any relative. I figured it out in the end, as there had been rifts in the family and she had been alone and very ill. “Prepare to meet your maker!” cried the priest and it dawned on me that some were not prepared yet. A salutary message indeed, not least for me, a non-believer. I resolved to find out how she died. The story continues….


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