Calling minorities and under-represented members of the Labour Party in Highgate Branch! Get involved in Our Labour Party!

My name is Shezan Renny and I am the BAME Officer for our branch. I have lived in Camden since 2000, and my 2 daughters grew up here.

I’ve been active in the local Labour Party since 2015, attending meetings in the ward and the CLP, canvassing, attending rallies and speeches. I am enthused by the direction the Labour Party is heading in.

I would love to hear from BAME members in the branch.


  1. Eugenics:

Recently, an article entitled “Defending Eugenics” was published in the Monash Bioethics Review in Australia. The Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association have responded with an open letter criticising the premises set out in the article. You can view the original letter and sign it here.

  • Support for eugenics never really went away, but this is how it’s becoming mainstream again. Source: Independent website article: Jan 2018